These are 1st host in this journy from paris to shanghai in Basel Switzerland.

We knew alredy each other on twitter before we met there but it was 1st meeting in the real.

They didn't know I was planning to find host there, then they invited me their flat.

I gave them a cake was cooked by the pastry shop I was working in France.

They gave me a traditional confectionery "Basler Lackerli" in Basel.

We three like bicycle.

I was very tried this night because my bicycle was too heavy as I never felt.

This family is 2nd host, I spent 2nd day also in Basel Switzerland.

These are the first who allowed me to saty their house.It was 5th door I knocked .

I was surprised at this family because all of them were musician.

The father likes taking care of his garden and cooking a jam with his fruits.


The mother is working at local beer company.


I am taking this seal of beer company in my hands.



The little sister has pretty face can play Kung-Fu very well.

I was worrying about the place I can sleep so I was very glad to meet them.

3rd day, Finding host met with difficulty in village Mumpf in Switzerland.

I think the people live here are conservative but he and his friend were open mind.

First, I knocked the door of the house of his friend.

Then the wife and husband introduced me to him.


He, gentle man cooked pasta with tomato sauce and chicken for dinner for me.

Unfortunately It was sometime fudge rainning on the way.

So I was cycling with rainwear in these days.

I like them. They are good family in Schaffhausen Switzerland.

When I was in the residential district for finding host.

At the first meeting between I and them, they refused my wish.

I know their feeling. It is normal that people caution to the person they don't know.

However they were looking for me near their house for helping me.

And I remember the mother is good chef and children are clever.

It is the last town in Switzerland here.

They were cheerful and funny couple.

The mother bought some pastry in the eary morning for my breakfast and lunch.



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Sweets and Smiles